Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - First Grey Hunters Squad

So here is the first of my Grey Hunters squad, there are still a few little touch ups that need done but they are mostly done, as the first models i've painted in over a decade i'm pretty damn chuffed at them! I've also included the first of my Wolf Guard however I feel there is something missing from it.

Sorry again for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone's camera.

As always comments and suggestions are welcome

 - Mike

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bahamut takes shape

Hi folks, Been a while sicnce i posted something so thought id show face and give a little update, i have found a paint scheme that i like and have a couple genestealers painted. now bare in mind last time i had painted i was like 11 and it was only a coat of blue on a space marine haha so lets get these bad boys shown then...

1st Model
2nd Model

double teamed?? yes please!

So as you can see went with a Hawk Turqoise base coat, done a couple coatings of that, dry brushed some ice blue over it. claws and talons done bleached bone with some blood red dry brushed on the tips for the blood effect which im quite pleased with if i do say so myself, which i do. i also used bllod red for some flesh parts on the model as well which fits nice and also red eyes. i cant quite paint teeth as of yet, bit difficult but ill get there!
last but not least i coating the carcace in liche purple and while it was still a little bit wet dry brushed ice blue over the top which gives a nice light purple.
So thats it for now, ill be sure to post more photos when ive got more painted but for now, catch ye later!

Knights Of Russ - Wolf Standard

Here is a work in progress of a Grey Hunter with a Wolf Standard, lemme know what you think. I don't have certain paints hence the random unpainted bits.

 - Mike