Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dreadnought reporting in

I've had a go at painting my first ever Dreadnought. I wanted it to be the same as the rest of my wolves. Dirty, like its truly been through the wars.

I've also got a limited number of paints available to me, so I did the best with what I had.

Photo's were taken with my phone.

I've also painted two of my Wolves in Terminator armour, they will fill the roles of both Wolf Guard and Lone Wolf, one even might be a Battle Leader/Wolf Lord depending on the occasion.

 - Mike

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

400 Point Combat Patrol Bat Rep

Here's your friendly neighbourhood space puppy with a new battle report. Unfortunately AGAIN we forgot to take pictures, we were so caught up in playing that we cracked on about the game. Managed to get it finished in about 40 mins.

Combat Patrol
400 Points
Space Wolves(Mike) vs Ultramarines(Jamie)

Army Lists:

Space Wolves - 395points
Grey Hunters x 10, Melta Gun x 2
Long Fangs x 6, Missile Launchers x 5
Land Speeder Typhoon with MultiMelta

Ultramarines - 395points
Tactical Squad (Broken into 2 combat squads, 1 with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun and Sergeant, 1 with x5 Bolters)
Attack Bike, MultiMelta
Bike Squadron x 3, Sergeant with Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun


Space Wolves
I won the roll, i set up first, with my Long Fangs on the 3rd floor of a building on my right flank, Grey Hunters spaced out in near the Long Fangs in the middle and then the Landspeeder to their left.

The Ultra's set up with their bikes and attack bike hiding behind a building on my right flank, in that building was the combat squad with the Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun and Sergeant and on the left flank was the other combat squad, set up also in a building.

Now I will say that this layout isn't exact :) but it gives you a better idea of how we deployed.

Now also... I was going to do a turn by turn, however I can't remember exactly what happened, and can't quite be bothered at the moment!

The game ended at the end of Turn 4 with the following result:

Space Wolves Losses - 1 Grey Hunter
Ultramarine Losses - 5 Tactical Marines, 3 Bikes, 1 Assault Bike.

I was really happy with how the Land Speeder performed, apart from the fact that it's dice rolls were blessed (apart from turn 1) it only had a shaken for 1 turn.

Feel free to slate me for the shoddy battle report >_<

Friday, 18 June 2010

Battle Report - Space Wolves VS Tyranids

First semi-proper battle report is here!

The rules we were playing for this were:
500 points
At least 1 HQ
At least 1 Troop
All other points spent as desired

Space Wolves:
Rune Priest - Power Armour, Choser of the Slain, Storm Bolter, MH and LL powers
Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Grey Hunters x 5 - Melta Gun, Wolf Standard
Long Fangs x 5 - 4 Missile Launchers, Melta Gun

Tyranids - I cannot remember exactly what they were kitted out with, it was mostly the Warriors and Prime that had extra wargear.
Genestealers x 20
Hive Guard
Tyranid Warriors x 3
Tyranid Prime

The table was set up in a city like layout, close quarters fighting was to be had. we didn't take pictures unfortunately or take a good account of what happened when. We really suck at this! however the result was Space Wolves winning in 3 to 4 turns, the game lasted around 50 mins which is far far faster than our normal games.

Watch this space for a more detailed report, I have to now go clean the flat >_<

Monday, 14 June 2010

Games Day 2010 + Site Update

Well well well, it appears Games Day 2010 is creeping up on us, and this year Road To War will be represented by JT and me!

Tickets have been bought and arrived, flights and accommodation are next(come pay day) and then its time to start saving for all the fun and games that are to follow!

Those that are visiting the site (if there even are any of you) will maybe notice a slight difference to the layout. Until I can decide on how to set the site out correctly i've put the blog on the front page as this is where all the "action" is just now.

Keep checking for updates, I will continue to update the blog as well as the site and fingers crossed we can get this baby on the move!

 - Mike

Friday, 11 June 2010

2nd round of doubles completed

It's been a while since a post was put up.

On Tuesday we completed another long session of 40k. In this round we extended our points to 750 points each. Decided to use a random dice program to see who would team with whom. Fraser managed to join with Jamie so Orks and 'Nids and i was teamed with Mike so Space Pups and Chaos Marines.

I think one day we will remember to actually post up a Bat Rep but we pulled up an annihilation mission and proceeded to attack each other.

It was a fun game with only 1 complication with a rule using a Mawloc. Can a Mawloc who scatters too far come up inside a building and hit anything on the 1st floor? This for us was a game stopper until we decided that it just came up due to the wording of the attack being too vague.

Next week it might be Tyranids with Chaos Marines vs Space Wolves and Orks, there may be an Imperial Guard list joining us too which should make for an interesting night. Hopefully we will be able to Bat Rep it!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rune Priest Ahoy!

Just a quick update to show my latest WIP, my newest Rune Priest / Wolf Lord in Runic Armour, lemme know what yo think!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long Time No Post

WOW! Its been a long time since this has been updated!

So what's happened since then:

1. I've gotten more models, running quite a good sized army now
2. JT has started playing Chaose Space Marines (along side his Dark Eldar and Tau)
3. Jamie has swapped to Orks
4. Fraser is continuing to play Tyranids but is considering buying a secondary Blood Angels army
5. We bought a papering table and two 2x4 boards to place across it
6. We played a 1000point doubles games (500 each) which was really fun, it was going quite well until I had to cut it short (getting back to the flat after 1am on a work night isn't a great idea) Watch this space for some pictures of the battle, we've gone up in the world!!
7. JT, Myself and possibly Jamie are all going to Games Day 2010!!!! We decided on this yesterday and bought our tickets today, the Road To War lads are on the move!

I have some more painted models and many more to be painted, I bought a can of Army Painter Uniform Grey today so going to see how that goes as a base coat... Also bought a KR case from the fine Kingdom Of Adventure I've started to put my chaps in it and will get some pictures up asap.

Other than that i'm sure there has been a load of stuff going on, but I just can't remember it! Watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - First Grey Hunters Squad

So here is the first of my Grey Hunters squad, there are still a few little touch ups that need done but they are mostly done, as the first models i've painted in over a decade i'm pretty damn chuffed at them! I've also included the first of my Wolf Guard however I feel there is something missing from it.

Sorry again for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone's camera.

As always comments and suggestions are welcome

 - Mike

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bahamut takes shape

Hi folks, Been a while sicnce i posted something so thought id show face and give a little update, i have found a paint scheme that i like and have a couple genestealers painted. now bare in mind last time i had painted i was like 11 and it was only a coat of blue on a space marine haha so lets get these bad boys shown then...

1st Model
2nd Model

double teamed?? yes please!

So as you can see went with a Hawk Turqoise base coat, done a couple coatings of that, dry brushed some ice blue over it. claws and talons done bleached bone with some blood red dry brushed on the tips for the blood effect which im quite pleased with if i do say so myself, which i do. i also used bllod red for some flesh parts on the model as well which fits nice and also red eyes. i cant quite paint teeth as of yet, bit difficult but ill get there!
last but not least i coating the carcace in liche purple and while it was still a little bit wet dry brushed ice blue over the top which gives a nice light purple.
So thats it for now, ill be sure to post more photos when ive got more painted but for now, catch ye later!

Knights Of Russ - Wolf Standard

Here is a work in progress of a Grey Hunter with a Wolf Standard, lemme know what you think. I don't have certain paints hence the random unpainted bits.

 - Mike

Friday, 14 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - First attempt at painting

So! I'm trying to get used to painting 40k models again, along with trying to get used to the mad amounts of cramp you get in your hand when holding the damn brushes.

I am however in need of help, 

Red...the colour red always messes with me when painting my army, it never goes on even, always looks patchy and the colour behind it always shows through, it pisses me off. I'm sure there is an easy way of getting round this but I just don't know it. The last time I painted anything other than a wall was around 17 years ago, so thats my excuse (to be fair I was a horrific painter when I was younger)

If anyone has any hints, tips or ideas then please leave a comment! Also, I apologise about the quality of the pictures, I couldn't be bothered getting my camera from the bedroom so just used my phone >_<

 - Mike

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tau Update

Recently managed to build up my Tau Combat Patrol force.

Currently awaiting a lick of paint are:

10 Fire Warriors
10 Kroot
2 Crisis Battlesuits
1 Devilfish

Have started to paint part of a battlesuit today, going with a firey orange colour. it's a slow process as the paint is already quite thin but it's begining to look fairly useable!

Edit: Update of Pictures

Army So Far

After some Reinforcements arrived courtesy of Jamie, my Knights are starting to look the part! Here is the size of my Army as it stands:

1 Rune Priest - Runic Armour

5 Wolf Guard - Terminator Armour (Possibly 4 WG and 1 Wolf Lord)

10 Grey Hunters

10 Grey Hunters

6 Long Fangs (No heavy weapon arms yet)

2 Long Fangs (No Heavy Weapon arms, WIP unit)

I've also made 1 Standard Bearer that can be popped into any Grey Hunter unit that might need him, I'm quite a fan of the model myself :-)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the chaps so far, 50% of them are base coated and the rest should be before the week is out, I might even get around to starting to paint some of them!!

 - Mike

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Morning all,

I'm currently trying to get the willpower together to get ready for work, whilst trying to do that I ordered some more helmets for my Space Wolves. Thanks to Jamie I'll soon be the proud owner of some more Grey Hunters, once I get them i'll swap the heads out so they fit in with the rest of the Knights. I was looking around on some random websites and found these helmets, I think they are quite funky and should (fingers crossed) look good on my guys, should take about a week for them to arrive so we'll see.

If any one is interested the site they are on is 

I've been looking at buying another model, non GW to use as my Rune Priest in Runic Armour, i'm still swaying over that one, think I might focus on getting some vehicles, or more importantly, some paint!. 

 On that note, I am still trying to figure out how I want to paint the models, I don't like the "cartoony" way that a lot of Space Wolves look, I want to make them more rugged and battle worn, I was thinking of using Codex Grey as the base coat and then adding colours to it however i've also been watching Beasts Of War painting guide for their Wolf Guard Terminator and I really like how it turns out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Next post should hopefully show my army so far.

 - Mike

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Quick Update.

Hi all, this is just a quick update to say what is happening. Currently I am in the process of getting more troops, JT and Fraser are painting.and Jamie is moving to vanilla marines. I'm being quite slow about things mostly due to getting a new toy (HTC Desire) its shiny and already branded with the mark of Russ >_<
Keep reading for some more updates soon.

- Mike

Monday, 3 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - Logo

I've decided this is going to be the logo that my Knights will be wearing. If I can paint it properly then it should look quite good, just need to get stuck in about painting now!

 - Mike

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - Units So Far

Here is a quick update on the models i've put together so far, just few Wolf Guard and some Grey Hunters, all trying to stick to the whole "Knighthood" storyline that I am writing for my Company.

So may I introduce you all to the Knights Of Russ

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Kill Team

Kill Team eh?

I'd heard people talking about it so decided to see what the fuss was about. Picked up a copy of the good old Battle Missions and started to read. That book has some awesome possibilities. I've thrown together a couple of ideas in Army Builder to see what I could field for 200 Points, you'd be quite surprised and the different possible combinations.

 I had a pretty good team in my mind, i'm thinking however my mind wasn't working at that time, as the force i'd come up with is illegal in Kill Team lol, back to the drawing board

 - Mike

Friday, 30 April 2010

Thursday Night In

Last night I rocked round to Fraser and JT's place to have some beers, build some models and generally have a good old geekfest. Built up some models, chatted about different tactics/army lists and discovered some interesting rules and abilities that we didn't know about. All in all, a pretty successful night!

 I know have;
5 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour and various weapons, mostly close combat
7 Grey Hunters
1 Rune Priest in Power Armour

All but two of my models are wearing the same type of "Knightly" Helm although i'm now starting to add bitz to each of them to try and give them a little individuality.

Once I crack my camera out i'll post some pictures, I just want to get stuck in about painting them!

 - Mike

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hive Fleet Bahamut takes shape

Well i figured i may as well give everyone an update of whats currently going on with my beautiful beasts so here is the script so far.

On wednesday i got some models off a friend of mine who has been playing 40k for a long time and no longer uses nids (i know, what a complete fool) so he had some lying around which i happily took off his hands for a fee

From this i got:

1x Hive Tyrant
1x Tyrant Guard
20x Hormagaunts
30x Termagaunts
20x Genestealers
2x Zoanthropes
1x Trygon
6x Warrior Brood
1x Broodlord

And i already had

12x Hormagaunts
8x Genestealers
1x Deathleaper

So as you can see thats not a bad list to start with. Now i hear of lot of "these units are good, these not so much" and naturally i take them all into consideration, then i do what i want anyway! so i intend to try every unit out and play test the plastic breasts (or tyranid equivalent)off them!

Ill be sure to add some pictures soon and let you all see the sexiness that is my nids (unpainted currently... like their naked!) and let everyone see whats going on

for now, Frasie out

The Vallhund "Dog" Soldiers

I have finally decided on a name for my Space Wolves, from now on they will be know as The Vallhund "Dog" Soldiers.

Ok so I thought I should start posting some pics of my expanding army.

Ok so far we have the Rhino for transport, 20 Grey Hunter/Blood Claws (not decided on what combination yet) 5 Scouts, 6 Long Fangs, the Predator sitting in the background (yet to be built) and a Drop Pod which is currently on loan to a friend.

The Long Fang squad I picked up yesterday and are still half painted in Dark Angels colours but a quick blast with Chaos Black will sort that out.

I think I am going to use one of the Grey Hunters as my Rune Priest, I have one with the two handed Frost Axe which could be used as a Runic Weapon and he looks quite priesty.....


Combat Patrol Rules

Right I though it was about time I actually posted the Combat Patrol rules in case anybody wanted to try it out for themselves.

As mentioned before Combat Patrol is not our invention, we have just borrowed it as a nice easy way to get back into 40K and learn the rules at the same time.

Winner is determined by victory points.
List must be no more than 400 points.
List must include at least 1 troop choice.
You may include an HQ.
No special characters allowed.
No 2+ saves.
No single model may have more than 2 wounds.
Vehicle armour values must be equal to or less than 33 overall.
WYSIWYG! Lists must have model representation.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Combat Patrol...hmm.. what to do

Combat patrol is something that as a group we have been talking more and more about in order to get us started up fairly quickly and playing while adding to our army size. The other reason for this is it's a fairly cost effective way to go while slowly deciding on what direction you would like to take your army.

I have been thinking lately that i didn't want to take my Dark Eldar into CP and instead use it for my main army when everyone else catches up on points or if we play larger points so instead i opted for yet another tangent and chose Tau. I know they may not be one of the best CP type units out there but as you can guess i like challenges.

For my Tau unit selections, i have simply gone for the BattleForce boxed set and an extra Crysis suit, this should be enough to give me all the models and points i need... now i only need to receive the ordered boxes and build them... that along with the Dark Eldar should keep me going!

I am late

Well it's about time i decided to post something and not be lazy about it.
Introductions first, I am John and i am just trying to get back into Warhammer/40K from a long absense.
I have played before but this was back in the 90's and armies like Necrons and Tau were probably a twinkle in some developers eye.
Previous armies included playing Eldar and maybe close to 4000 point Dwarven Army

Getting back in to gaming was a hard decision for me as i didn't know what i would like to play and choices ranged from Chaos Space Marines to Chaos Daemons to Space Wolves. My initial thought on chosing an army was anything that could possibly beat Fraser when he was going to play 'Nids.
The end result was probably not what anyone expected as one night in thinking... i just decided to go to Gifts for Geeks and buy close to 2000 points in models of a Dark Eldar army... why?

Everyone looks like they were playing fairly meaty armies which will help play the game for them so i decided to have a challenge and play one of the most paper thin armies available, do i know what i am doing? Hell no but it's going to be fun i think and possibly frustrating while the other armies laugh me off the table but once i capture and enslave them, i am sure i will turn their laughter into screams.

So far my army is still in boxes and i will post pics of them later on, i just hope i am not too lazy to assemble them and field an army of cardboard cutouts!

Knights Of Russ - First Model

I was thinking about keeping with the theme of the "Knights Of Russ". I have seen some pretty impressive conversions kicking around on the interwebs and thought I might do a couple of m own, only uber basic stuff, but all to keep with the fluff behind my Company.
 So here is potentially the first of many Knights, this chap will be part of my a Grey Hunters unit.

I have used the normal body from the Space Wolves pack, arms n such with the helmet of a Chaos Warrior and the top knot off of a Space Wolf head. I am hoping once I get them painted it will show up a bit better, possibly with some heraldry on the helms, who knows.

 - Update.

Threw together another two, here is another Grey Hunter and a Rune Priest idea I had. It uses the body of a Warhammer Chaos Warrior, i'm afraid it wasn't my idea to use this, I saw it on another blog I read and thought i'd give it a try, think its turned out none too bad.

Grey Hunter

Rune Priest

Rune Priest

Watch this space for more updates

 - Mike

Combat Patrol Army List - Space Wolves


I've been thinking about possible army lists for combat patrol and i've settled on two possible ones, one unfortunately may be a direct copy of one that is already being used however it is one of the best I can see, the other is only slightly different.

I can see one being anti armour and one anti mob, also got a stupid one in there for giggles...

Not sure if i'm going to post the lists on here just yet, don't want to give away all my secerets (not gonna be too hard to guess though >_< )

Also settled on who my guys actually are, basic storyline behind my troops is they are members of the 7th Company of the Space Wolves chapter. Around 1000 years ago (tbc) their ship was lost in the warp on route to defend an outlying sector from a Tyranid scout fleet. After a search by the chapter they were declared lost and a new 7th Company was raised. They have since reappeared and are continuing their mission. They are still Space Wolves however since there is a 7th Company they have no real place in the makeup of the chapter (and the Great Wolf would never split them up into the current Companies) They have therefor changed their companies name to the Knights Of Russ and have started on a crusade to "make up for lost time".

All rules for this Company are exactly the same for any Space Wolf army and as they have not fallen or become rogue they are able to fight along other allied armies (With the Space Wolves being so secretive about many of their own affairs and their Chapter layout being so different to other Space Marine Chapters any allies they do fight along side think they are simply a new company that they have not yet heard of)

I've chosen the "lost company" approach as from what i've read the Space Wolves have no known successor chapters, there was one created at the original founding however they had a severe mutation of their gene seed and were destroyed.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas then please let me know >_<

 - Mike

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

And it has begun

Well...had to happen sometime, I won't post the picture of my bleeding finger after the craft knife slipped...

Just need to get stuck in about them all now! Watch this space fo some (bad) conversions!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Blog now showing on our homepage

So, after a little faffing around this blog should now also be showing on

It should be a little easier for anyone visiting the main site to then find the blog and follow it if they so wish. As i've said on the main site, if you find any problems then drop me a mail, there's a link on the homepage >_<

- Mike

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Better late than never

Well i thought it's about time I got my first post up here as the others seem to be beating me to it.

A little background on myself, I used to play 40K around 12 years ago and loved every minute of it. I started out with Blood Angels and progressed on to Chaos Marines and pretty much dominated everyone I played with my Chaos Terminators with Reaper Autocannons (to be honest I think I may have made up one or two of the rules).

I always wanted to start a Space Wolves squad and picked up 1 or 2 models but never continued with it.

Fast forward to 2010 and after speaking to my fellow team mates we all decided to start collecting again and after much indecision on my part I decided to finally build my Space Wolves squad.

So as I'm about to leave for work the other morning the postman turns up with a rather large box which could only be my models, with only a few minutes to spare I managed to rip open the box and paw (no pun intended) at my new shiny Codes and Space Wolves Battleforce.

I have spent the last few evenings when i get home from work putting everything together and I hope to get some pictures up soon once I get the last few pieces I need to put the finishing touches to everything.

Commander Grimnar Out.....


I have arrived

Thought i would introduce myself, im Fraser and you will probably be hearing a lot from me as more time passes becasue i generally always have something to say though usually not of PG rating!

Im currently working on a series of short stories that will show the progess of my hive fleet, why you ask? because i can! plus it sounds like a fun project and will be something a little different. I intend to write some of those stories regarding games i have with the other three dudes, or 'team' members and anyone else i generally play against! So for example if i played Mike (Space Wolves) and he defeated me then i will write a short story which includes said battle! so im hoping it will be fun to write (and include winning more than losing) but aslong as the games are fun then thats what its all about (MUST WIN!!!!)

Im the 'noob' of the group having never played at all! collected when i was like 14 and stopped but im back to 40k and ready to make people cry! watch this space!

The rest of the team

So, I remembered (was reminded) to add the other 3 chaps to the list of authors for this blog, that's now done so hopefully we'll start to see more posts covering all the other armies soon. Once again, watch this space...

- Mike

Thursday, 22 April 2010

First Post!

Woo Hoo I got first post! >_<

Hi All, this may be the first of many posts for the Road To War "team" I use the term "team" in its loosest sense as I don't think anyone of us know what we are except excited to get started.

Watch this space, we'll soon have some back stories from the different armies and much more!

- Mike