Friday, 14 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - First attempt at painting

So! I'm trying to get used to painting 40k models again, along with trying to get used to the mad amounts of cramp you get in your hand when holding the damn brushes.

I am however in need of help, 

Red...the colour red always messes with me when painting my army, it never goes on even, always looks patchy and the colour behind it always shows through, it pisses me off. I'm sure there is an easy way of getting round this but I just don't know it. The last time I painted anything other than a wall was around 17 years ago, so thats my excuse (to be fair I was a horrific painter when I was younger)

If anyone has any hints, tips or ideas then please leave a comment! Also, I apologise about the quality of the pictures, I couldn't be bothered getting my camera from the bedroom so just used my phone >_<

 - Mike

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tau Update

Recently managed to build up my Tau Combat Patrol force.

Currently awaiting a lick of paint are:

10 Fire Warriors
10 Kroot
2 Crisis Battlesuits
1 Devilfish

Have started to paint part of a battlesuit today, going with a firey orange colour. it's a slow process as the paint is already quite thin but it's begining to look fairly useable!

Edit: Update of Pictures

Army So Far

After some Reinforcements arrived courtesy of Jamie, my Knights are starting to look the part! Here is the size of my Army as it stands:

1 Rune Priest - Runic Armour

5 Wolf Guard - Terminator Armour (Possibly 4 WG and 1 Wolf Lord)

10 Grey Hunters

10 Grey Hunters

6 Long Fangs (No heavy weapon arms yet)

2 Long Fangs (No Heavy Weapon arms, WIP unit)

I've also made 1 Standard Bearer that can be popped into any Grey Hunter unit that might need him, I'm quite a fan of the model myself :-)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the chaps so far, 50% of them are base coated and the rest should be before the week is out, I might even get around to starting to paint some of them!!

 - Mike

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Morning all,

I'm currently trying to get the willpower together to get ready for work, whilst trying to do that I ordered some more helmets for my Space Wolves. Thanks to Jamie I'll soon be the proud owner of some more Grey Hunters, once I get them i'll swap the heads out so they fit in with the rest of the Knights. I was looking around on some random websites and found these helmets, I think they are quite funky and should (fingers crossed) look good on my guys, should take about a week for them to arrive so we'll see.

If any one is interested the site they are on is 

I've been looking at buying another model, non GW to use as my Rune Priest in Runic Armour, i'm still swaying over that one, think I might focus on getting some vehicles, or more importantly, some paint!. 

 On that note, I am still trying to figure out how I want to paint the models, I don't like the "cartoony" way that a lot of Space Wolves look, I want to make them more rugged and battle worn, I was thinking of using Codex Grey as the base coat and then adding colours to it however i've also been watching Beasts Of War painting guide for their Wolf Guard Terminator and I really like how it turns out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Next post should hopefully show my army so far.

 - Mike