Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dreadnought reporting in

I've had a go at painting my first ever Dreadnought. I wanted it to be the same as the rest of my wolves. Dirty, like its truly been through the wars.

I've also got a limited number of paints available to me, so I did the best with what I had.

Photo's were taken with my phone.

I've also painted two of my Wolves in Terminator armour, they will fill the roles of both Wolf Guard and Lone Wolf, one even might be a Battle Leader/Wolf Lord depending on the occasion.

 - Mike

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

400 Point Combat Patrol Bat Rep

Here's your friendly neighbourhood space puppy with a new battle report. Unfortunately AGAIN we forgot to take pictures, we were so caught up in playing that we cracked on about the game. Managed to get it finished in about 40 mins.

Combat Patrol
400 Points
Space Wolves(Mike) vs Ultramarines(Jamie)

Army Lists:

Space Wolves - 395points
Grey Hunters x 10, Melta Gun x 2
Long Fangs x 6, Missile Launchers x 5
Land Speeder Typhoon with MultiMelta

Ultramarines - 395points
Tactical Squad (Broken into 2 combat squads, 1 with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun and Sergeant, 1 with x5 Bolters)
Attack Bike, MultiMelta
Bike Squadron x 3, Sergeant with Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun


Space Wolves
I won the roll, i set up first, with my Long Fangs on the 3rd floor of a building on my right flank, Grey Hunters spaced out in near the Long Fangs in the middle and then the Landspeeder to their left.

The Ultra's set up with their bikes and attack bike hiding behind a building on my right flank, in that building was the combat squad with the Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun and Sergeant and on the left flank was the other combat squad, set up also in a building.

Now I will say that this layout isn't exact :) but it gives you a better idea of how we deployed.

Now also... I was going to do a turn by turn, however I can't remember exactly what happened, and can't quite be bothered at the moment!

The game ended at the end of Turn 4 with the following result:

Space Wolves Losses - 1 Grey Hunter
Ultramarine Losses - 5 Tactical Marines, 3 Bikes, 1 Assault Bike.

I was really happy with how the Land Speeder performed, apart from the fact that it's dice rolls were blessed (apart from turn 1) it only had a shaken for 1 turn.

Feel free to slate me for the shoddy battle report >_<

Friday, 18 June 2010

Battle Report - Space Wolves VS Tyranids

First semi-proper battle report is here!

The rules we were playing for this were:
500 points
At least 1 HQ
At least 1 Troop
All other points spent as desired

Space Wolves:
Rune Priest - Power Armour, Choser of the Slain, Storm Bolter, MH and LL powers
Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Grey Hunters x 5 - Melta Gun, Wolf Standard
Long Fangs x 5 - 4 Missile Launchers, Melta Gun

Tyranids - I cannot remember exactly what they were kitted out with, it was mostly the Warriors and Prime that had extra wargear.
Genestealers x 20
Hive Guard
Tyranid Warriors x 3
Tyranid Prime

The table was set up in a city like layout, close quarters fighting was to be had. we didn't take pictures unfortunately or take a good account of what happened when. We really suck at this! however the result was Space Wolves winning in 3 to 4 turns, the game lasted around 50 mins which is far far faster than our normal games.

Watch this space for a more detailed report, I have to now go clean the flat >_<

Monday, 14 June 2010

Games Day 2010 + Site Update

Well well well, it appears Games Day 2010 is creeping up on us, and this year Road To War will be represented by JT and me!

Tickets have been bought and arrived, flights and accommodation are next(come pay day) and then its time to start saving for all the fun and games that are to follow!

Those that are visiting the site (if there even are any of you) will maybe notice a slight difference to the layout. Until I can decide on how to set the site out correctly i've put the blog on the front page as this is where all the "action" is just now.

Keep checking for updates, I will continue to update the blog as well as the site and fingers crossed we can get this baby on the move!

 - Mike

Friday, 11 June 2010

2nd round of doubles completed

It's been a while since a post was put up.

On Tuesday we completed another long session of 40k. In this round we extended our points to 750 points each. Decided to use a random dice program to see who would team with whom. Fraser managed to join with Jamie so Orks and 'Nids and i was teamed with Mike so Space Pups and Chaos Marines.

I think one day we will remember to actually post up a Bat Rep but we pulled up an annihilation mission and proceeded to attack each other.

It was a fun game with only 1 complication with a rule using a Mawloc. Can a Mawloc who scatters too far come up inside a building and hit anything on the 1st floor? This for us was a game stopper until we decided that it just came up due to the wording of the attack being too vague.

Next week it might be Tyranids with Chaos Marines vs Space Wolves and Orks, there may be an Imperial Guard list joining us too which should make for an interesting night. Hopefully we will be able to Bat Rep it!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rune Priest Ahoy!

Just a quick update to show my latest WIP, my newest Rune Priest / Wolf Lord in Runic Armour, lemme know what yo think!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long Time No Post

WOW! Its been a long time since this has been updated!

So what's happened since then:

1. I've gotten more models, running quite a good sized army now
2. JT has started playing Chaose Space Marines (along side his Dark Eldar and Tau)
3. Jamie has swapped to Orks
4. Fraser is continuing to play Tyranids but is considering buying a secondary Blood Angels army
5. We bought a papering table and two 2x4 boards to place across it
6. We played a 1000point doubles games (500 each) which was really fun, it was going quite well until I had to cut it short (getting back to the flat after 1am on a work night isn't a great idea) Watch this space for some pictures of the battle, we've gone up in the world!!
7. JT, Myself and possibly Jamie are all going to Games Day 2010!!!! We decided on this yesterday and bought our tickets today, the Road To War lads are on the move!

I have some more painted models and many more to be painted, I bought a can of Army Painter Uniform Grey today so going to see how that goes as a base coat... Also bought a KR case from the fine Kingdom Of Adventure I've started to put my chaps in it and will get some pictures up asap.

Other than that i'm sure there has been a load of stuff going on, but I just can't remember it! Watch this space!!!