Friday, 11 June 2010

2nd round of doubles completed

It's been a while since a post was put up.

On Tuesday we completed another long session of 40k. In this round we extended our points to 750 points each. Decided to use a random dice program to see who would team with whom. Fraser managed to join with Jamie so Orks and 'Nids and i was teamed with Mike so Space Pups and Chaos Marines.

I think one day we will remember to actually post up a Bat Rep but we pulled up an annihilation mission and proceeded to attack each other.

It was a fun game with only 1 complication with a rule using a Mawloc. Can a Mawloc who scatters too far come up inside a building and hit anything on the 1st floor? This for us was a game stopper until we decided that it just came up due to the wording of the attack being too vague.

Next week it might be Tyranids with Chaos Marines vs Space Wolves and Orks, there may be an Imperial Guard list joining us too which should make for an interesting night. Hopefully we will be able to Bat Rep it!

1 comment:

  1. The mawloc would scatter into the building and have to take a Dangerous terrain test as it is in essence deep striking into difficult terrain, which then makes it into Dangerous.

    Also it would need to charge the unit on the second floor to get in combat with them, and you would basically need to do a difficult terrain test to see how far it got (as usual) rolling 3d6 as it is a monstrous creature and picking the highest. If this gave it enough movement to get onto the second floor then it could attack.

    You wouldnt have to move the model as such, I would just play it that if it got enough distance then it managed to disentangle its limbs enough to be able to attack the unit.

    Hope that makes sense.