Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long Time No Post

WOW! Its been a long time since this has been updated!

So what's happened since then:

1. I've gotten more models, running quite a good sized army now
2. JT has started playing Chaose Space Marines (along side his Dark Eldar and Tau)
3. Jamie has swapped to Orks
4. Fraser is continuing to play Tyranids but is considering buying a secondary Blood Angels army
5. We bought a papering table and two 2x4 boards to place across it
6. We played a 1000point doubles games (500 each) which was really fun, it was going quite well until I had to cut it short (getting back to the flat after 1am on a work night isn't a great idea) Watch this space for some pictures of the battle, we've gone up in the world!!
7. JT, Myself and possibly Jamie are all going to Games Day 2010!!!! We decided on this yesterday and bought our tickets today, the Road To War lads are on the move!

I have some more painted models and many more to be painted, I bought a can of Army Painter Uniform Grey today so going to see how that goes as a base coat... Also bought a KR case from the fine Kingdom Of Adventure I've started to put my chaps in it and will get some pictures up asap.

Other than that i'm sure there has been a load of stuff going on, but I just can't remember it! Watch this space!!!

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