Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Army So Far

After some Reinforcements arrived courtesy of Jamie, my Knights are starting to look the part! Here is the size of my Army as it stands:

1 Rune Priest - Runic Armour

5 Wolf Guard - Terminator Armour (Possibly 4 WG and 1 Wolf Lord)

10 Grey Hunters

10 Grey Hunters

6 Long Fangs (No heavy weapon arms yet)

2 Long Fangs (No Heavy Weapon arms, WIP unit)

I've also made 1 Standard Bearer that can be popped into any Grey Hunter unit that might need him, I'm quite a fan of the model myself :-)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the chaps so far, 50% of them are base coated and the rest should be before the week is out, I might even get around to starting to paint some of them!!

 - Mike

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