Friday, 14 May 2010

Knights Of Russ - First attempt at painting

So! I'm trying to get used to painting 40k models again, along with trying to get used to the mad amounts of cramp you get in your hand when holding the damn brushes.

I am however in need of help, 

Red...the colour red always messes with me when painting my army, it never goes on even, always looks patchy and the colour behind it always shows through, it pisses me off. I'm sure there is an easy way of getting round this but I just don't know it. The last time I painted anything other than a wall was around 17 years ago, so thats my excuse (to be fair I was a horrific painter when I was younger)

If anyone has any hints, tips or ideas then please leave a comment! Also, I apologise about the quality of the pictures, I couldn't be bothered getting my camera from the bedroom so just used my phone >_<

 - Mike

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  1. The GW foundation paints tend to do a good job over black, and even if the Mechrite Red (I think thats the name) is too dark or not dark enough for you another coat of red on top of it will do wonders for it.