Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Combat Patrol Army List - Space Wolves


I've been thinking about possible army lists for combat patrol and i've settled on two possible ones, one unfortunately may be a direct copy of one that is already being used however it is one of the best I can see, the other is only slightly different.

I can see one being anti armour and one anti mob, also got a stupid one in there for giggles...

Not sure if i'm going to post the lists on here just yet, don't want to give away all my secerets (not gonna be too hard to guess though >_< )

Also settled on who my guys actually are, basic storyline behind my troops is they are members of the 7th Company of the Space Wolves chapter. Around 1000 years ago (tbc) their ship was lost in the warp on route to defend an outlying sector from a Tyranid scout fleet. After a search by the chapter they were declared lost and a new 7th Company was raised. They have since reappeared and are continuing their mission. They are still Space Wolves however since there is a 7th Company they have no real place in the makeup of the chapter (and the Great Wolf would never split them up into the current Companies) They have therefor changed their companies name to the Knights Of Russ and have started on a crusade to "make up for lost time".

All rules for this Company are exactly the same for any Space Wolf army and as they have not fallen or become rogue they are able to fight along other allied armies (With the Space Wolves being so secretive about many of their own affairs and their Chapter layout being so different to other Space Marine Chapters any allies they do fight along side think they are simply a new company that they have not yet heard of)

I've chosen the "lost company" approach as from what i've read the Space Wolves have no known successor chapters, there was one created at the original founding however they had a severe mutation of their gene seed and were destroyed.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas then please let me know >_<

 - Mike

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