Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I am late

Well it's about time i decided to post something and not be lazy about it.
Introductions first, I am John and i am just trying to get back into Warhammer/40K from a long absense.
I have played before but this was back in the 90's and armies like Necrons and Tau were probably a twinkle in some developers eye.
Previous armies included playing Eldar and maybe close to 4000 point Dwarven Army

Getting back in to gaming was a hard decision for me as i didn't know what i would like to play and choices ranged from Chaos Space Marines to Chaos Daemons to Space Wolves. My initial thought on chosing an army was anything that could possibly beat Fraser when he was going to play 'Nids.
The end result was probably not what anyone expected as one night in thinking... i just decided to go to Gifts for Geeks and buy close to 2000 points in models of a Dark Eldar army... why?

Everyone looks like they were playing fairly meaty armies which will help play the game for them so i decided to have a challenge and play one of the most paper thin armies available, do i know what i am doing? Hell no but it's going to be fun i think and possibly frustrating while the other armies laugh me off the table but once i capture and enslave them, i am sure i will turn their laughter into screams.

So far my army is still in boxes and i will post pics of them later on, i just hope i am not too lazy to assemble them and field an army of cardboard cutouts!

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