Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Combat Patrol...hmm.. what to do

Combat patrol is something that as a group we have been talking more and more about in order to get us started up fairly quickly and playing while adding to our army size. The other reason for this is it's a fairly cost effective way to go while slowly deciding on what direction you would like to take your army.

I have been thinking lately that i didn't want to take my Dark Eldar into CP and instead use it for my main army when everyone else catches up on points or if we play larger points so instead i opted for yet another tangent and chose Tau. I know they may not be one of the best CP type units out there but as you can guess i like challenges.

For my Tau unit selections, i have simply gone for the BattleForce boxed set and an extra Crysis suit, this should be enough to give me all the models and points i need... now i only need to receive the ordered boxes and build them... that along with the Dark Eldar should keep me going!

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