Sunday, 25 April 2010

I have arrived

Thought i would introduce myself, im Fraser and you will probably be hearing a lot from me as more time passes becasue i generally always have something to say though usually not of PG rating!

Im currently working on a series of short stories that will show the progess of my hive fleet, why you ask? because i can! plus it sounds like a fun project and will be something a little different. I intend to write some of those stories regarding games i have with the other three dudes, or 'team' members and anyone else i generally play against! So for example if i played Mike (Space Wolves) and he defeated me then i will write a short story which includes said battle! so im hoping it will be fun to write (and include winning more than losing) but aslong as the games are fun then thats what its all about (MUST WIN!!!!)

Im the 'noob' of the group having never played at all! collected when i was like 14 and stopped but im back to 40k and ready to make people cry! watch this space!

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