Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Knights Of Russ - First Model

I was thinking about keeping with the theme of the "Knights Of Russ". I have seen some pretty impressive conversions kicking around on the interwebs and thought I might do a couple of m own, only uber basic stuff, but all to keep with the fluff behind my Company.
 So here is potentially the first of many Knights, this chap will be part of my a Grey Hunters unit.

I have used the normal body from the Space Wolves pack, arms n such with the helmet of a Chaos Warrior and the top knot off of a Space Wolf head. I am hoping once I get them painted it will show up a bit better, possibly with some heraldry on the helms, who knows.

 - Update.

Threw together another two, here is another Grey Hunter and a Rune Priest idea I had. It uses the body of a Warhammer Chaos Warrior, i'm afraid it wasn't my idea to use this, I saw it on another blog I read and thought i'd give it a try, think its turned out none too bad.

Grey Hunter

Rune Priest

Rune Priest

Watch this space for more updates

 - Mike

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